Thursday, 31 July 2014

The Planet In The Sky

Escape from here, the morose planet, the sonorous ball in the galaxy, the evocative land you can neither love nor control,
Escape to me where your imaginings are not merely a stream of childish thoughts to paint to others the depths of your soul,
Leave that place where happiness once danced, where life and spring sprang from dew,
Run to me where you can be soothed, we welcome you with glistening streams of new,
Be freed,  be you, be rid of the fear, conditions and labels have gone to the past,
You can lay here with the company amongst the stars, be free at last.
The effusion of rivers, of bird song in night, the midnight dreams of wonder and power engulf all possible fright,
Visions of creatures that dwell in the buds with wings that sparkle in light,
Your sight will graze their perfect forms and tears will flutter with the night,
Forget the thoughts of the world that’s of old, allow the boulders of fear to dissolve,
Forget the tint of shame that immersed your cells, leave it succinctly in the cold.
Because sleep here, sleep at peace. Summer in the star that gleams with a breeze,
Here in the sky, the florid world where at last you can be freed.

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