Thursday, 14 August 2014

Oh Captain, My Captain.

Oh Captain, My Captain. You've gone to make the angels laugh,
You lit up the world with your vigour, being so fiery and daft.
Oh Captain, My Captain. You were a father figure to so many,
Just your shadow on a screen touched lives, oh Peter whisk us to a tranquil place; any.
Oh Captain, My Captain. The demons you hid so well, they hid in your laughs; under your bed.
But you drew from their poison, you turned it into smiles; no one knew there were no smiles in your head.
Oh Captain, My Captain. Just to hear that hello or that distinct good morning made us grin,
If only you could view the love and grief flowing down the streets, maybe you'd begin...
To see the childlike hope you painted on everyone,
From Peter to Genie, you were always a presence.
Your genius and soul will be stamped upon time,
Everlasting with your acrylic laugh that I hold dear as mine.
I grew up with you, my unknown friend;
I feel like i've known you and you've helped me to mend.
I hope now my prince that you find peace at last,
Such brilliance, such tears of laughter that will never slip into the past.

RIP to a man of utter brilliance, Robin Williams. 

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